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Lab for R&D and production tests

DIESSE’s  essence of quality is strictly connected to it's knowledge of all rubber hoses aspects, it's experience on tests and it's focus on scientific research.  This is the background for its laboratory: it is a unique Centre that can count on the latest technologies as well as on machines built in house. It is the result of  a constant investment. The aim is to offer the utmost guarantee in terms of reliability to existing products, their coupling with fittings and the development of new prototypes.

With its Laboratory, the company focuses on Applied Research to create ad hoc machines such as those for TGA (thermal gravimetric analysis) and DSC (differential scanning calorimetry) that are dedicated to raw materials, fire tests, hydrostatic testing and type approval.

In detail, the machine for fire tests is highly specific.  DIESSE team can run fire resistance tests according to MSHA, AP16D and EN ISO 15540 with this instrument, in the presence of DNV team, directly in its Laboratory.

Another highlight is the impulse test system, according to EN ISO 6803, that enables DIESSE to run fatigue tests up to the outstanding precision of 2 inches.

Clients’ service and the ability to accompany them in every step is at the heart of DIESSE’s culture. For this reason, around 2017, DIESSE introduced the type approval machine, with the aim of ensuring further advantages to its Customers. In detail, DIESSE can test and certify in its Laboratory the hose together with the fitting chosen by the Client. Here’s the main benefits: Reduced testing times of a turn-key project, as well as peace of mind for the Clients as they can customize the coupling hose & fitting as they prefer.

A recap of all the numerous tests that can be run in DIESSE’s laboratory:

  • Hardness (ASTM D 2240)
  • Density (ASTM D 792)
  • Tensile Strenght (ASTM D 412)
  • Elongation (ASTM D 412)
  • ML,MH,TS2,T50,T90 (ASTM D 5289)
  • Mooney (ASTM D 1646)
  • Ozon Test (EN ISO 7326)
  • Sun Test (EN ISO 4892)
  • Abrasion (ASTM D 5963)
  • Abrasion (EN ISO6945)
  • Fire Test (MSHA)
  • Fire Test (AP16D)
  • Fire Test (EN ISO15540)
  • Aging Check Air -oil ( ASTM D 865)
  • Compression Set (ASTM D395-A)
  • DSC
  • FIT IR
  • Bending (EN ISO 6192)
  • TGA
  • Hydrostatic testing (EN ISO 1402)
  • Impulse Test (EN ISO 6803)
  • Vacuum Test
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