Construction & Earthmoving

High performance rubber hoses for construction sites

Contractors of construction sites need powerful machines and equipment able to move with the highest precision and accuracy in tight spaces, while ensuring efficiency. Hydraulics is the force behind heavy machines such as bulldozers, cranes and earth movers.

Hydraulic systems are fundamental to guarantee increased performance, reliability and productivity of construction industry. And they rely on high pressure hydraulic hoses for many operations as a crucial part of heavy hydraulic equipment.

DIESSE's high performance solutions enable machines to achieve a higher range of motion and to be controlled with utmost precision. Moreover, they contribute to make the work faster, safer, more efficient while reducing downtime.

DIESSE Rubber Hoses collaborates with OEMs to produce and offer strong, flexible and long-lasting solutions. They are able to endure harsh environments, heavy use and to meet the weight and volume requirements of the Clients.

OEMs of the industry sector rely on DIESSE Rubber Hoses for our strong know-how of the market. They also appreciate the durability and high quality of our solutions, produced and tested in-house.

Among these, here's some of those that stand out: backhoes, bulldozers, cement mixers, drilling rigs, dump trucks, excavators, feller bunchers, forklift trucks, graders, loaders, pavers, pile boring and pile driving equipment, rollers, telehandlers, tipping-bed lories, trenchers and tower cranes.


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Discover more on our vast offer of high quality rubber hoses. They are described with information on their application, construction details (such as the materials of the tube, the reinforcement and the cover), operating temperature, certifications and available versions.

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