Marine industry needs reliability & durability

Ships have countless machineries and equipment. They are used for a number of applications, from propulsion, to maneuvering, to shipboard safety, to ensuring the passengers comfort. Hydraulics is the hidden technology that makes this possible.

Hydraulic hoses, as part of the hydraulic systems are vital and must stand out for their precision and accuracy. This is because they are used for highly demanding applications, such as the main engine control and maneuvering systems. Further applications include automation systems, control and valve systems, deck machines, engine room and steering gears.

This is made even more challenging by the specific requirements of the marine industry. Any solution needs to be designed and produced considering the harsh conditions and saline atmosphere, vibrations, extreme temperatures.

Performance, reliability, safety and efficiency are a must. DIESSE high pressure hoses contribute to all these features, and more. Our rubber hoses in the marine sector also help to make the operations smoother and to increase the hydraulic systems durability.

DIESSE is by the side of OEMs, naval engineers and system integrators to make the marine industry safer, more efficient and competitive. DIESSE knows that each marine application is different. Therefore we offer a wide range of rubber hoses for marine applications. Our solutions stand out for their high quality and can be customized if needed.

Over the years we have developed important collaborations with OEMs, naval design engineers and system integrators. Together, we find the best solutions any type of maritime and vessel fleet for inland waters and open sea.

Customers choose us for the high reliability and resistance of our rubber hoses. These features are fundamental on the sea as well as during docking operations. Our solutions stand out for their high corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, performance, high strength, and resistance to extreme temperatures.

These results are confirmed by international marine certifications such as Det Norske Veritas and European Union Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU. Moreover, DIESSE rubber hoses for this sector are approved by the American Bureau of Shipping ABS.

Our partnerships range from cargo carriers and tankers, passenger carriers like cruise ships and ferries, industrial ship such as fishing-fleet, service vessels like tugboats, non commercial vessels and yacht.

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Discover more on our vast offer of high quality rubber hoses. They are described with information on their application, construction details (such as the materials of the tube, the reinforcement and the cover), operating temperature, certifications and available versions.

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