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The energy sector is facing a difficult challenge. It has to meet an increasing demand as well as the needs of a sustainable economy. Oil and gas are major industries in this market. Even though renewable energy is growing, oil and gas play a fundamental role in the international economy as primary fuel sources.

These industries are in constant evolution. The locations become more demanding and the processes and regulations require state-of-the-art technology. In order to meet all these requirements, you must count on a partner at a level beyond what anyone can offer. That’s what we do.

DIESSE has years of experience in delivering trusted technology products to oil, gas, and offshore industries. Therefore we can develop solutions optimized for any specific application, such as cranes, ballast systems and turret systems. The aim is to help customers enhance their hydraulic systems.

We offer leak-free, abrasion resistant and vibration resistant solutions. These features are crucial as oil & gas applications are exposed to harsh environmental conditions and place a high demand on the equipment. Our solutions contribute to increasing safety as well as to the reduction of contamination and environmental impact. Achieving a high level of efficiency leads to further benefits, such as an improved quality and greater production output.

DIESSE has a proven expertise in providing reliable hydraulic hoses for upstream stage. For upstream stage, that’s to say the exploration and production, DIESSE rubber hoses are crucial to reduce lifting costs and to optimize the production. They are used on machineries for the search of underwater and underground natural gas fields, crude oil fields and wells drilling.

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Discover more on our vast offer of high quality rubber hoses. They are described with information on their application, construction details (such as the materials of the tube, the reinforcement and the cover), operating temperature, certifications and available versions.

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