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To say that rubber hoses are important in high-pressure fluid power system is a mere understatement. They play a crucial role in contributing to the reliability, low maintenance and high performance of hydraulic systems. Moreover, thanks to their flexibility they can bend around corners, be used in narrow spaces as well as cover long distances. In a nutshell, designers can place components in the most suitable spot thanks to rubber hoses.

There are many different types of hoses: how can Customers choose the best solution for their application needs?

One of the answers comes from international hose standards. For example, the European Norm (EN 853, EN 854, EN 856, EN 857) and the standards set by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in North America. This organization provides hydraulic hose standards for the 100R series that are defined under SAE Standard J517.

Other parameters to take into consideration are the hose diameter, working pressure, minimum bend radius, weight, materials and certifications.

High quality 100% Made in Italy

DIESSE is quality 100% Made in Italy. Over the years, the expression "Made in Italy" has become a real brand that stands for the quality and ingenuity typical of Italian industries.

The "Made in Italy" also reflects the distinctive skills and abilities of DIESSE people. They contribute to the success of its products, extremely required on the international market.

DIESSE couples the excellence of Italian products with one of the widest ranges of rubber hoses the market, with high performance and durability, thus reducing downtime.

DIESSE produces its entire range of hydraulic hoses according to SAEJ517, EN 853, EN 854, EN 856, EN 857. The company focus has always been to manufacture products able to respond to any Clients’ need and that exceed the international norms. From this come Fortius, Master and Overmaster families.

From the experience gained in the production of these solutions DIESSE created the compact Fighter and Stark. These highly performing ranges stand out for their very tight bending radius together with their superior working pressure.

The spiral family had a similar development path that led to the engineering of the XFight family. It stands out for its extreme performances combined with compact dimensions. This range ensure even more than 1M impulse cycle.

Furthermore, as bio oils are increasingly present on the market, the XBIO version has been created. It maintains excellence in performance alongside the compatibility with Bio fluids.

DIESSE worldwide presence required the introduction of rubber hoses able to resist even at very low temperatures. The Company designed the Iceflex and ICE Fighter families in the braided and in the spiral version, for a temperature range from -70°F (-56.7°C) to + 212°F (100°C).

Furthermore, DIESSE can count on a consolidated experience on Fahrenheit hoses. They are specifically designed for applications where a temperature over +302°F (150°C) is required. Fahrenheit hoses are fundamental to meet the needs of OEMs in the construction sector, but also in the manufacturing one in general.

Finally, the BOP blowout preventer hoses with fiber glass complete the range. They have been developed for Oil & Gas sector and are compliant with API 16D standard.


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