Durable rubber hoses for agricolture

Agricultural equipment manufacturers demand agricultural machines to ensure the highest productivity in every season and zero downtime. Moreover, they need to guarantee a safe and comfortable working environment for farmers and operators. To do all this, OEMs can count on the reliability of hydraulics components.

DIESSE hydraulic hoses contribute to machine performance at each critical time of the year and improve field production efficiency. Whether preparing the soil, fertilizing or harvesting and transporting crops, DIESSE is at the side of farmers and operators.

Many players rely on DIESSE Rubber Hoses worldwide expertise and large offer. It ensures that the work on the fields is done in an efficient way, with great performance levels. The Company contributes to the design of long-lasting solutions, no matter the harsh environment and extreme weather conditions.

OEMs of the agriculture sector rely on DIESSE’s hoses and confirm the quality, durability and flexibility of our engineering solutions. We have been producing and offering our rubber hoses for years for many applications such as:

  • Soil tillage machines (tractors, plows, clod breakers, spading machines, roller compactors, etc.);
  • Sowing and transplanting machines (seeders, transplanters);
  • Seed cleaning and sorting machines (de-skivings, sorting sieves, decuscutators);
  • Machines for the distribution of fertilizers, pesticides, anticryptograms (manure spreader, fertilizer spreader, duster, amotizer);
  • Harvesting machines (mowers, combine harvesters, combine harvesters, tedders, balers, potato diggers, etc.);
  • Products treatment machines (mill, crusher, dryer, defoliator, etc.);
  • Products transport machines (auger, agricultural trailer);
  • Feed distribution machines (mixer wagon);
  • Systems for preparing food for livestock (shredders, crushers, etc.).

Other application market

Discover more on our vast offer of high quality rubber hoses. They are described with information on their application, construction details (such as the materials of the tube, the reinforcement and the cover), operating temperature, certifications and available versions.

Find out more on all the market applications of our products:

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