DIESSE, the history of a made in Italy success

DIESSE Rubber Hoses was founded in 1979 by Raffaele, Giuseppe, and Anna Maria de Stasio. That's the beginning of the history of this Made in Italy success. Over the years, the Company climbed the international market thanks to the intuition, determination and foresight of its founders.

The brand presents the Italian family name initials "DS" and the English payoff “Rubber Hoses” as a confirmation of the Company’s vocation as a worldwide player. DIESSE excellence resulted from the entrepreneurial skills of the three founders and their expertise of this market. They are working in the Company together with the second generation, as a guarantee for continuity in the management.

The company's evolution over the years

DIESSE Rubber Hoses history is marked by continuous successes such as innovations, challenging projects, prestigious certifications and a worldwide distribution.

At the beginning, the company entered the Italian hose assembly market. In the first two years DIESSE grew significantly. In 1982 the company became a manufacturer of branded hoses. The high amount of hoses necessary led indeed the company to develop its own production. So, DIESSE turned this challenge into an opportunity becoming a producer of hydraulic hoses. The range was completed in 1990 with the addition of high-quality spiral hoses.

DIESSE distinctive assets have always been the careful selection of quality raw materials combined with technologically advanced system. These features together with a customer-centered approach and a passionate expert team contribute to DIESSE worldwide affirmation.

The company’s continuous growth is the result of its attention to the market evolution and its investment plan that ensures the highest product performance to the Clients. These are coupled with a commercial strategy aimed at strengthening its activities abroad.

In order to always help customers achieve competitive advantages, DIESSE makes constant improvements in its R&D laboratory and in its high-standard production. This is confirmed by the creation in 2022 of a new 11.000 m2 (118.400 ft2) plant next to the existing one.

Today, DIESSE is the only Made in Italy producer for rubber hoses. The Company is run by the founders together with the second generation. It is represented by Giosiana and Heleanna de Stasio, that already were members of the Board and focus on sales and production, Stefano Santis as Product Engineer, and Alessandro Santis as Process Engineer.

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