DIESSE, italian producers of The Hose

DIESSE’s essence is well represented by its claim “THE Hose”, that expresses the Company’s vocation. Since its foundation DIESSE is considered a reliable company, synonymous with unrivalled quality for hydraulic rubber hoses and an added-value consultancy approach.

It distinguishes for its large and performing offer, a strong knowledge of the market and constant attention to customer satisfaction. These principles are DIESSE’s heritage still today. As part of the Company’s DNA, they guide everyday all DIESSE’s people.

DIESSE’s people stand out for their strong innovative nature and use their skills to experiment and develop new ideas as well as to improve processes at all levels of the company. In this way, they enhance a business culture in which all these features become key factors to meet every request and get ready for the future challenges.

One of the elements that make DIESSE unique is its ability to promptly respond to every customer request. It can offer standard products with an excellent stock or custom products designed using a fast and effective method.

When it comes to customized or complex projects, DIESSE guides its Clients all long the process. The phases start from listening to their needs and includes the realization of ad hoc solutions. The next step is the certification of the new hoses created. It is followed by the verification the compliance with fittings and the organization of the logistics.
DIESSE is committed to increasing the production flexibility as well as the overall speed of the processes. Therefore, the Company invests in the enhancement of the production model, together with the organizational and management assets.

DIESSE embraces a pull-based model that allows DIESSE to ensure a Quick Response Time through a series of innovations. These involve not only the evolution of the production process, but above all, a transformation of the products design phase.
DIESSE knowledge of the market combined with its technical expertise and wide range of solutions, allows the Company to speed up problem solving cycles.
Moreover, the consultancy offered to Clients contributes to the improvement of existing products as well as to the development of new ones. It stimulates the technological progress and creates value in a bidirectional way, both for the customer and for DIESSE itself.
This approach is crucial for guaranteeing the best service to customers, answering to their real needs. Nowadays this is all the more true as the market is characterized by a strong instability and continuous evolution.


A worldwide quality partner

DIESSE’s mission is to be recognized worldwide as the main partner for quality rubber hoses. The excellence of DIESSE solutions as well as its flexibility in customization have always been two of its main added values. These elements are the representation of Made in Italy innovation and quality.

DIESSE’s philosophy is also expressed in its punctuality, efficiency and increasingly higher production standards. The Company guarantees these results thanks to its smooth organizational structure and its research & development department.

Other elements that contribute to DIESSE’s excellence are the choice of the best materials and the adoption of the most advanced technologies.

For all these reasons, DIESSE's relations with Customers are a real partnership. It provides advice, collaboration and high standard products able to influence the success of the final project.

In a win-win logic, DIESSE is therefore able to fully enter its customers’ innovative process with co-design, thus becoming co-responsible for their competitive development.

Furthermore DIESSE plays a crucial role in shortening the time to market of the final customers, transforming itself also into a planning and logistic partner.


Great values for great results

Excellence and reliability are the core values defined by the founders ever since the company was established. They represent the pillars of DIESSE corporate identity and make up an important legacy.

This legacy, the efficient organizational structure and the skills of its highly qualified Staff guarantee a full continuity in the management. Moreover, it supports the gradual evolution of the Company towards a global dimension.

Furthermore, DIESSE stands out among competitors for its strong will to stay “independent” in a sector characterized by a high concentration of players. Thanks to this unique structure the Company is able to provide the market with rapid response times and unequalled flexibility.

DIESSE can count on unrivalled expertise and unique competences together with a systematic activity of research and development of high-performing products. All this allows the Company to promptly support Clients, also in case of customized production requests.

Energy, innovative potential, open-mindedness and rigorous ethics: DIESSE growth is also an expression of the passion that drives its team. Its approach is mainly focused on the attention to Clients. They are always considered the heart of the company as well as its strategic asset.

This way of being, thinking and producing improves DIESSE processes, to meet the Clients needs while rewarding their trust.

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