Forestry needs flexibility and high abrasion resistance

The use of timber as a resource is constantly growing due to international attention to sustainability. It is a greenhouse positive material with a lower environmental impact than plastic and metal. As a result, the need for reliable machines in the forestry and logging sector has never been higher.

Forestry machines rely on hydraulics to operate at the best performance and efficiency. For this reason DIESSE is by Customers side to help them to produce next generation machines and equipment. The aim is to create solutions that ensure high precision movements and positioning working in harsh environments and on rough terrain.

There are many different types of machines in this sector. They are used to fell and cut the trees, prune plants, maneuver and transport trunks, process trees or prepare the soil for planting new trees. Our R&D team has designed long-lasting hydraulic hoses that exceed the market requirements, in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

DIESSE’s rubber hoses for this sector are able to withstand high working pressure, constant mechanical impact and abrasion. They stand out for the utmost flexibility, high quality and durability. It is their superior abrasion resistance that mostly contributes to machine reliability and well-functioning, great user safety and reduced downtime.

Moreover, flexibility is a critical factor too. DIESSE answer this need with minimum bend radius and compact design, for superior performance.

Foresters and loggers rely on DIESSE for a variety of machines and equipment. Among these, those that stand out are: delimbers, feller bunchers, felling heads, stump grinders, mulchers, yarders, forwarders, log loaders, harvesters woodchippers, grapples, log towers, excavators, skid steers.

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