Beyond Research & Development

DIESSE pays constant attention to the market in order to promptly respond to any transformation with high-performing products. Moreover, it strongly believes in innovation as a competitive advantage. For this reason, the Company reinvests around 8% of its annual turnover in Research & Development, for both products and processes.

Furthermore, it has a constant dialogue with its Clients and is committed to customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is paramount to DIESSE. Therefore the Company is constantly setting new challenging objectives to improve its hydraulic rubber hoses and contribute to the competitiveness of its Clients.

DIESSE commitment combines the expertise of multidisciplinary teams with cutting-edge technologies. The goal is to transform ideas into innovative products, as well as to create new possible business scenarios.

Product & process innovation

Performing the production entirely in-house means that new technologies are tried and searched for internally. This philosophy has two main pluses: it enhances the Company’s know-how as well as the efficiency of its processes.

Starting from the Voice of the Customer DIESSE’s Team transforms every solution into real added value. If necessary, it also develops ad hoc cutting-edge technologies. These are capable of ensuring the maximum quality and reliability of the hydraulic rubber hoses in any context application.

Innovation becomes an integral part of the business management. DIESSE proactive flexibility towards the market has positive impacts on its business as a whole. It involves the entire company and contributes to the creation of new opportunities. DIESSE is able to introduce new procedures and create its own customized tools and machines thanks to the expertise of its team and the experience of over 40-year activity.

DIESSE product development process is based on incremental innovation. DIESSE understands that the knowledge and experience gained during the development process of a new solution cannot be limited to one single product. Hence, the need to create synergies among the development processes.

In the short term DIESSE’s strategy is aimed at improving the efficiency of existing ranges while in the long term, it allows to design solutions able to set new standards in the market.

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