Total Quality Management

DIESSE Total Quality Management Model

In DIESSE, the customer satisfaction is the core of all the Company’s activities. Reaching this goal in nowadays dynamic and competitive market requires a continuous improvement process. This strategy is at the heart of DIESSE Total Quality Management Model. Indeed, at DIESSE the concept of quality has become a structured, measurable pathway involving the whole company in an integrated approach.

Quality of materials and products

DIESSE’s mission is to be recognized as the main partner for quality rubber hoses. For this, every new product is designed and assessed with accurate tests that make it possible to combine technology and efficiency. In this way the value of innovation can be experienced everyday. The strict selection criteria for raw materials and components are a guarantee for compliance with high quality standards.

Moreover, improvement targets are set as a result of the continuous assessment of performances. Moreover, DIESSE Rubber Hoses focuses on efficiency and effectiveness. It adopts a high performance approach and maintains a constant focus on customer needs. Furthermore, it operates with processes designed to eliminate waste and perceives change as a way to generate value.

Quality in providing services

Listening to the Customers Voice is an invisible asset for DIESSE. It contributes to the identification and process of the market signals, in order to act faster and provide high quality services. For this reason, the Management and the whole DIESSE factory’s team implement a continuous process for the generation of new knowledge and innovations.

Customer satisfaction is DIESSE final goal

For DIESSE, quality goes beyond the traditional concept of conformity to the hydraulic hoses features and properties. According to the TQM approach it is a path of continuous and measurable growth that encompasses the whole company. This organizational model is based on customer satisfaction. It is the parameter for measuring and assessing results and performance, enhancing competitiveness and business excellence.

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