Safety and productivity in the mining sector

Mining sites and mineral processing facilities present some of the most challenging situations. Mine sites are often in remote and difficult to access areas. Moreover, machines have to perform in the most extreme conditions. They have to withstand high temperatures and low temperatures, heavy dust, high altitudes and steep slopes.

Workflow is often determined by the capability of the machines to overcome any unexpected circumstances encountered in the excavating process. For this reason the reliability of each component is critical to the success of any operations. Safety and short downtime in mining machinery also rely on the quality of components.

That’s why DIESSE offer special rubber hoses created to ensure safety, high performance, precision and versatility in the harshest conditions.

Our R&D designed robust and highly performing ranges that can meet the request of the mining industry, thus increasing its productivity. They contribute to machine well-functioning for years, with the lowest maintenance possible.

Our dedicated products are engineered to work with high pressure and high forces. Therefore, they are ideal for underground operations as well as for surface operations.

DIESSE has been providing hydraulic hoses for this sector for years for all machines. Among these, those that stand out are: mining trucks, hydraulic mining showels, large dozers, electric rope shovels, rotary drill rigs and rock drills, motor graders, large whell loaders, whell tractor scrapers, underground mining loaders and trucks.

Other application market

Discover more on our vast offer of high quality rubber hoses. They are described with information on their application, construction details (such as the materials of the tube, the reinforcement and the cover), operating temperature, certifications and available versions.

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