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Today the complexity in the hydraulic sector is increasing exponentially. OEMs compete on a global scale and factors that influence the choices and success of end customers are more and more numerous.

DIESSE is committed to support OEMs through its clients in finding and implementing the best competitive strategies. Innovation is a fundamental part of the process. It contributes to overcoming the challenges and in finding new opportunities.

For DIESSE, pursuing a strategic innovation means investing in the research for a fit between the outside signals and the impact they have on its Clients’ identity and business model. To support OEMs in making the evolution of the hydraulic sector, DIESSE keeps a constant synergy between what happens inside and outside the company (internal / external fit).

For this reason, the producer bases its business development model on three strategic guidelines:

Customized rubber hoses for any need

The increasingly specific need of Customers is a challenge for DIESSE as well as an opportunity to design new solutions.

DIESSE's strategy focuses on the ability to create customized hydraulic hoses and on the diversification of standard products according to the demand of a worldwide market. The added value of the Company lies in its ability to satisfy both the structural and functional needs of the Customer. This result is achieved thanks to the continuous incremental innovation process of the product, inspired by the Client.

The grouping of common elements between different products, allows the identification of families of solutions. These features are the technological roots that DIESSE uses to make further innovations.

This concept is integrated with the one of modular design. It consists in breaking up a product into subsets of independent characteristics. Modularization allows for rapid changes in products, boosting innovation.

These strategies allow DIESSE to create new solution that have elements in common with the previous ones and are designed to meet the specific needs of a Customer.

Product innovation for great specialization

Product innovation has always been one the main features of DIESSE approach. The company focuses on a continuous research of materials and new high-performance products. This is a key driver for enhancing the Clients long-term success and profitability.

DIESSE can contribute to the evolution of the market thanks to the know-how of its team and the expertise of an over 40-year activity. Each project is an opportunity to help Customers achieve new challenging goals, thus resulting in a competitive differentiation.

In detail, DIESSE is constantly improving its processes and enhancing best practices to drive the success of its Clients.

A high performance culture

DIESSE High performance culture is based on the Company know-how and constant attention to the Clients’ Voice. It focuses on the employees’ active role through their passion, ability to innovate and experiment.

DIESSE believes that quality is made by people. This means that the human factor is fundamental in order to achieve excellence through innovation, alongside the use of state-of-the-art methods and tools. People have a crucial role in contributing to the Total Quality Management Model and in ensuring the Clients’ success.

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