Creating a sustainable future

In compliance with the Circular Economy principles, reducing consumption and safeguarding resources are a priority for DIESSE. The Company has accepted the challenge of promoting a sustainable future, focusing on its overall efficiency. On the one hand, DIESSE is committed to the transformation of its production processes.

For DIESSE it is essential to focus attention on the relationship between sustainability and corporate competitiveness goals. These two dimensions are not only converging, but they are generating further value through integration. For this reason, for DIESSE, addressing sustainability is a real enabling factor for its business.

Efficiency comes from inside the Company

DIESSE’s desire to reach the highest standards of efficiency starts inside the production site. It is demonstrated by the constant introduction of technological improvements. DIESSE has reduced its carbon footprint of the 25% thanks to recent innovations.

Here’s the most important interventions:

  • Implementation and modernization of the photovoltaic system, also above the new warehouse: DIESSE will soon be able to produce 15% of energy from renewable sources
  • Water recirculation system directly on the machines: DIESSE increases the percentage of water recirculation every year and to date it has reached about 50%. This is an important feature that contributes to the reduction of both energy consumption and resources waste
  • Recovery of the heat of the vulcanization cycle: it is used for the HVAC system of 15% of the production.
  • Recovery of production waste: every year DIESSE drastically reduces the percentage of non-recycled materials and in 2021 the company recovered 83% of materials.
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