DIESSE launches new Forklift braided hose: flexible, durable and strong, ideal for over-the-sheave hydraulic applications

In an application market such as that of mobile hydraulics and, specifically, forklifts, telescopic handlers and material lifting equipment, where requirements are extremely stringent, it is essential for DIESSE to propose solutions that can guarantee maximum functionality, constructive integrity, and resistance to abrasion and corrosion under critical operating conditions. With this in mind, the company renews its offering and launches the new Forklift braided hydraulic hose, a high performing product in terms of:

  • Resistance to fatigue. Forklift can handle operating pressures of up to 250 bar for increased durability. An asset for end-users to cut replacement costs and limit downtime, in favor of higher overall productivity.

  • Reduced bend radius. Today, the market is ever more characterized by a growing trend toward electrification of construction vehicles, so as to reduce fuel consumption. Therefore, it is essential for braided hoses to be easily installed in the limited spaces of such machines. In this sense, Forklift results in an extremely lightweight and maneuverable solution, suitable for increasingly compact and less heavy vehicles.

  • High abrasion resistance. Thanks to its smooth cover, DIESSE has designed a hose that effectively withstands mechanical stress and contact with other machine components. Specifically, Forklift provides up to 15 times more resistance than standard rubber ones, for a greater seal.

  • Length Change. DIESSE offers its new hose with an extremely small length variation, in both shortening and lengthening, so as to promote a steady use, at all stages of application.

  • Extremely compact and high-performance hose. DIESSE offers the unprecedented hose in two configurations, depending on the diameter: in fact, up to 1/2" the Forklift hose is single-braid, translating into an extremely light and manageable product while still providing a usage performance of 250 bar.

Giosiana De Stasio commented, "With the new Forklift braided hose, OEMs can count on a 100% Made in Italy product for applications in a variety of industries. In addition to product excellence, DIESSE offers qualified technical assistance thanks to its team of experts. Forklift is the result of the company's constant commitment to innovate in R&D, thanks to a highly specialized laboratory dedicated to a multiplicity of tests and production customization, always in compliance with current regulations and standards."

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