xFIGHT: A series of high pressure hoses with a flexibility you can’t imagine.

XFight 4000-5000-6000 PSI are the 3 new families of isobaric spiral hoses which offer measurably greater advantages in routing and installation. The innovation and production high technology of Diesse hoses allowed to develop this new generation of hoses with excellent performance which meet the needs of the most demanding clients both as regards the OEM and aftermarket.

Features and benefits

Flexibility: XFight hoses show a greater flexibility compared with the conventional spiral hoses. XFight hoses provide easier handling which enable remarkably the assembling of hoses.

1/2 Bend Radius: XFight hose guarantees very high performance with a bend radius which is respectively the half that of norms SAE 100 R12/SAE 100 R13/ SAE 100 R15.

1,000,000 impulse cycles: XFight hose is tested to 1,000,000 cycles in order to guarantee a great performance of the hose also in heavy conditions.

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