Diesse Rubber Hoses for rail industry, a new exciting challenge has been won!

Today, the railway operators must adapt their products to the strict European regulations to build better, safer and more sustainable trains. Thanks to the technical know-how and the great specialization Diesse developed a specific special range of hoses that meets the requirement of rail industry and helps the customers of this sector to reach maximum reliability, energy efficiency and safety. The new range of hoses, projected to resists from medium to high and very high pressure for hydraulic applications, are certified EN 45545-2, the single railway standard adopted by all EU countries.

The Rail Hose for European Transportation

Diesse is certified EN 45545-2 for the European Rail Industry

EN 45545-2 is the single railway standard adopted by all EU countries. This norm replaces the previous national standards now withdrawn.

EN 45545-2 is the standard which provides a classification system that specifies the requirements for the fire behavior of materials and products used in trains. As regards the burning behavior of hose materials, EN 45545-2 contains specific requirements for:

  • Oxygen index according to EN ISO 4589-2 (Fire retardant test)
  • Smoke density according to EN ISO 5659-2 (Burning behavior test)
  • Smoke toxicity according to NF X 70-100-1 and -2 (Smoke gas analysis)
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