Hose Industry Insights:
DIESSE’s Takeaways from the NAHAD Convention

As we reflect on the wealth of knowledge and innovation showcased at the NAHAD Convention in San Diego from the 28th of April to the 1st of May, DIESSE emerges with invaluable insights poised to shape the trajectory of the hose industry. The Company had the pleasure to engage with Industry Distributors, explore partnership opportunities and strengthen bonds with its existing partners. Through interactive discussions, ideas exchange, workshops and networking opportunities DIESSE remains at the forefront as ambassador of Made in Italy, with a steadfast commitment to quality and a keen eye on the horizon of possibilities.

“We thank NAHAD for bringing together hydraulic industry players, we genuinely enjoyed meeting and interacting with fellow entrepreneurs, partners and customers and we appreciated the insightful discussions that ensued, as we are confident that the meaningful relations forged during the event will lead to mutual growth and drive progress within our field.” Commented Giosiana de Stasio

Together with all the hydraulic industry actors, we harness the collective knowledge and enthusiasm generated at the convention, we are committed to ensuring that hoses maintain their crucial role in connecting and moving our world. By embracing new technologies, sustainable practices, and collaborative partnerships, we can further enhance the efficiency, reliability, and versatility of hoses, contributing to the continued progress and prosperity of industries and our communities worldwide.

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