DIESSE is celebrating 45 years of Innovation

DIESSE is proud to announce the celebration of its 45th anniversary this year, a witness to its unwavering commitment to quality and its relentless pursuit of excellence. This anniversary marks a significant milestone, showcasing decades of innovation and expertise.

Over the years, DIESSE proved its capacity to satisfy emerging market changes in a sector that has witnessed remarkable advancements in materials, manufacturing processes and product range expansion. DIESSE’s success is the result of its ability to evolve, providing efficient solutions in terms of safety, durability and high performance, as well as its substantial investments on R&D to deliver value to the customers.

Ever since its establishment, DIESSE has embraced knowledge, competence and know-how as an intrinsic part of its DNA. Its founders unveiled an uncommon mindset that shaped the company’s identity and strategic guidelines, a heritage that allowed the organization to position itself among the main leading hoses manufacturers. Today, DIESSE is the only Made in Italy producer of hydraulic hoses, globally recognized for its reliability and high quality standards guaranteed by a strict selection of raw materials and a rigorous testing procedure. Another key factor to such success is DIESSE’s team composed of qualified and dedicated experts who stand out for their innovative nature and use their skills to contribute to the production systems’ enhancement.

Giosiana De Stasio commented, “The commemoration of the 45th anniversary reflects the core essence of DIESSE’s strategy, which lies on its aptitude to create customized hydraulic hoses and expand the range of products, based on the requirements set forth by our global clients. Indeed, attention to the specific customer needs has always been at the heart of our growth. It represents a challenge for us, but also an opportunity to be engaged in the creation of new solutions, as well as to be committed to invest on product innovation.”

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