40 Years of Innovation

DIESSE’s mission is to affirm its position as reference partner for its Clients

Founded in 1979 by the de Stasio family, the company has reached the top of its industry atinternational level with its intuition, determination and foresight. Thanks also to itsmultidisciplinary teams, the use of the latest technologies and innovative materials DIESSE isable to meet any need of the Clients. DIESSE’s mission is to be the reference partner for Clientsin the design and development of solutions that comply with high-quality standards, bear the“Made in Italy” brand, and are suitable to fully respond to any field of application. Today, thecompany plays an important role in the world of hydraulics thanks to a broad range of hosesfor earth moving, agriculture, heavy industry, forest industry and other markets such as thecivil, naval, offshore, and mineral ones.
Specialized in Solutions

High Performances, Great Specialization, and Personalization are at the basis of the company’sgrowth

DIESSE Rubber Hoses pursues a market-pull approach to innovation and has direct control onthe whole value chain. This favors a problem-solving process orientation, which ensuresflexibility - an imperative when it comes to reducing time to market. As a matter of fact, themarket requires increasingly high quality and maximum speed. There are multiple advantages to an integrated production process: strict criteria for rawmaterial selection guarantee compliance with high standards, while performance assessmentenables to set objectives for continuous improvement, favoring production also in smallbatches, optimizing operating margins, centralizing - and thus streamlining - the decision-making process.
Expertise and know-how, at clients' service

At DIESSE, quality is a journey of growth, founded on customer satisfaction

At DIESSE Rubber Hoses, the concept of quality has become a structured, measurable pathwayinvolving the whole company in an integrated approach, according to the Total QualityMeasurement strategy. DIESSE places the Client at the center of the organization: consultingbecomes an invisible asset, from the idea to concept and executive stage.Strict criteria for the selection of raw materials as well as a qualified engineering activityguarantee compliance with the high qualitative standards. Moreover, the assessment ofrelevant performance allows to set objectives for continuous improvement, while guaranteeingthe maximum logistics efficiency, as a differentiating factor to increase and consolidateCustomers loyalty.
Diesse Gives Shape to Quality

100% in-house production & test

Performing the production entirely in-house means that new technologies are tried andsearched for internally, thus enhancing the company’s know-how and the efficiency of itsprocesses. The research and development laboratory is a strategic area that enables thecompany to offer the maximum quality and reliability, both by verifying existing products, andby developing new, “tailor-made” tested prototypes.Each DIESSE hose has its own ID card:first, the choice of materials and compliance of each component with project specifications areverified. Then, during the production stage, the team of technicians records processes andfrequency with a software, collecting data for a full traceability. Lastly, 100% of productionundergoes a functional test for performance verification, in compliance with the strictestregulations.
Complying with the Strictest Standards

DIESSE protects employee and visitors from work-related accidents and diseases

The numerous certifications obtained by DIESSE are a proof of its commitment in pursuingexcellence in quality, with the aim of guaranteeing the full safeguard of Clients, as well as itsworkers’ safety and health. Among the most important ones are the new ISO 45001 andOrganizational Model 231. Moreover, DIESSE Rubber Hoses obtained the ISO 14001 for itsenvironmental management system and has a DNV UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified qualityprotocol. It has obtained approval for flexible hoses and assemblies by the American Bureau of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, MSHA (Mine Safety and HealthAdministration) and US Department of Transportation. Lastly, it is certified by EU Directive onmarine equipment 2014/90/UE.

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Organizational, management and control model in accordance with 231/2001

Guiding principles for the adoption of the organizational, management and controls model as per Legislative Decree 231/2001. Download our Guidelines of Organizational, Management and Control Model.

ISO45001 and ISO14001:2019 The safety and environmental culture

To encourage safe behavior and facilitate the management and prevention of risky situation, Diesse has developed a workplace health and safety culture. Download our politics on safety and environment.